Frequently Asked Questions

Channels referenced here (starting with a # and an emoji) can be found in our Discord. You must join and verify in order to view them. Discord is the teams' main form of communication with the community, so it's important that you join and keep an eye out for updates.

What is Mind-Blown NFT / Music?

Mind-Blown Music is a project made up of music and crypto enthusiasts. Our vision is to use blockchain technology to change and influence the music and event industries forever. The Mind-Blown NFT Genesis Drop is just the start of the evolutionary process.

What are the benefits of holding a Mind-Blown NFT?

Holding a Mind-blown NFT grants membership to an exclusive mind-blowing community + VIP access for IRL events, unparalleled experiences, and access to artists like never before. The team has some explosive plans in the works and more will be revealed in time.

Minting & Launch Details:

- Whitelist Sale: 01/14/2022 @ 12 AM CST
- Whitelist Sale Price: 0.05 ETH + Gas (OG VIP, DIAMOND VIP)
- Whitelist Sale Price: 0.075 ETH + Gas (MULTI-PLATINUM VIP, PLATINUM VIP)

- General Sale: 01/16/2022 @ 12 PM CST
- General Sale Price: 0.10 ETH + Gas

- Tokens in Collection: 2,500

- Mint will take place at: (yep, you're in the right spot!)

Will there be a pre-sale / whitelist?

How to get Whitelisted: #🚀┃whitelist-info

We are still working out the exact details. Our whitelist will be a combination of early discord members + partnership spots. Updates will be posted in #🚀┃whitelist-info.

How do I create a custom invite link so I can get credit?

Full details on creating a custom invite link can be found here: #👬┃custom-invites.

Shill templates to use with your custom invite link can be found here: #📄┃shill-material (you MUST replace it with your custom link or you will not get credit).

Please keep in mind that invited users must stay and verify in order to be counted.

How can I see how many invites I have?

Invites can be checked in #🤖┃bot-commands using the command "-invites".

How do I level up and earn XP?

Rank is determined by actively talking within the server or by inviting people in. Please don’t be spammy, you have plenty of time. Participate and you will be rewarded. Please see below for the specific ranks and their perks. You can check your current level in #🤖┃bot-commands using the command "/rank".

Are there royalties, what is the breakdown?

Again, Not set in stone however we are proposing 7.5%. More on this will be decided by the community closer to the mint date.

Will there be an airdrop / second collection?

While both of these are milestones in our long-term roadmap the team wants to be careful not to oversaturate the market and provide value for our Genesis NFT holder first and foremost. If and when the time is right we are all about it.

If you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to a Community Moderator or Admin within our Discord.