Creating the Images and Metadata

To create all of our images, we first ingest a CSV which defines a percentage of the 2,500 images that will include specific traits. “None” is also a possible value for a layer/category which means excluding that layer/category from the image (ex: no shirt).

Our system begins to randomly combine traits that define what the final image will look like. During this process, we build the image from the various traits, create the metadata JSON file and upload the image to IPFS. All of the images are randomly shuffled on our end. The 4 bounties (listed at the bottom of our Roadmap Page) are semi-manually created and randomly distributed among the other images.

At this point, the whitelist sale opens up for 48 hours (01/14/2022). Once the whitelist sale has concluded, we mint/reserve 100 tokens for the team (marketing, giveaways, etc). After we have reserved our tokens, the general sale will begin (01/16/2022).

The reveal takes place in batches of 500. Once one of the tiers has been met, we will trigger a reveal (500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500). Placeholder metadata will be used up until the reveal.

Storing the Images and Metadata

All images and metadata are stored on IPFS and pinned using a Dedicated Pinata IPFS Gateway. We will house this data for the foreseeable future and will give a fair warning on Discord (no less than 30 days) if this data is going to be unpinned from our Pinata Gateway.

For redundancy or in the event that we are going to be unpinning, you can at any time pin your metadata and image to another IPFS Node. We recommend pinning this data to a node that you control or a service that you trust to maintain this data.

Watch our artist Sam create one of the traits! 🎨

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