Short-Term Launch Roadmap

25% Sold - 10 Mind-blown NFTs will be randomly airdropped to the first 625 token holders + 1 ETH Giveaway (Token ID: 0 - 624)
50% Sold - 10 Museum Quality Print Giveaway for first 1250 token holders + 1 ETH Giveaway (Token ID: 0 - 1249)
75% Sold - Official Merch Store Launch (100% of proceeds allotted to MBM Community Development) + 1.5 ETH Giveaway (Token ID: 0 - 1874)
100% Sold - 2.5 ETH Giveaway + Community Wallet Funded (Token ID: 0 - 2499)


Mind-Blown NFT is a community driven project. Community involvement will play a major role in all decisions and will be an integral part to this project's success. Which therefore means the roadmap may change depending on how the community decides to proceed, the information listed below is the teams’ vision and our proposal presented to the community.


The World’s first Decentralized Autonomous Event. Holding a Mind-blown NFT grants membership to an exclusive mind-blowing community + VIP access for IRL events, unparalleled experiences, access to artists like never before, and voting privileges to determine the organization's future and direct all aspects of the events including musical artist, location, and even how profits are distributed. 100% of royalties will be allotted to the development of the Mind-Blown project.


The community building process has already started!  After the public mint concludes it is our vision to host weekly twitter spaces highlighting our project as well as providing a platform to talk about everything Music & NFTs, provide access to an exclusive discord, and establish a secure voting system for all holders. The more MB NFTs you own = the bigger voice you have!


Each MB NFT minted acquires a stake and voting privileges that will determine the organization's future. Stakeholders will direct all aspects of said events including but not limited to the location, the musical acts, budget decisions, and even how to allocate profits. 100% of the project's royalties will be reinvested to insure milestones the community chooses are executed.


We are on the forefront of not only game changing technology but a revolution within the Music + NFT space. Strategic Partnerships will not only help grow the Mind-Blown brand but enable us to execute the vision in a timely manner. The core team is exploring partnerships with labels, talent buyers, venues, and of course musicians.IRL + METAVERSE UTILITY:

Our whole mission is to create a Decentralized Autonomous Event / Full Scale Music Festival hosted in real life and simultaneously within the Metaverse on an annual basis. Imagine being able to choose the artist at an upcoming event, having BTS and VIP access at every event hosted, and reaping the rewards of those events and industry connections. Launch a separate 3-D voxel collection to show off while attending Metaverse events!


A platform for new emerging musicians to fund their careers. Whether that be a new album or to go on tour, this platform would provide the funding to launch their careers to new heights, while providing our holders the opportunity to invest in artists and buy ownership in their music careers.


- Incorporate Business with each token holding ownership.
- Fund Community Wallet.
- Sandbox Purchase + Invest in Blue Chip projects.
- Onboard new team members from the community.
- Hire the community Legal & PR representation.
- Launch 1/1 Auctions to benefit charity.


- Develop web3 / NFT ticketing platform for all future events with USD on ramp.
- Localized Concert Activations (Locations + Artist decided on by community).
- Music Festival Sponsorships & Activations.
- All Access Expenses Paid Festival Giveaway for 10 Community Members.
- Continue to cultivate partnerships & brand awareness.
- Start development / community voting for Mind Blown Music Festival.
- Vote on Lineup, Location, Branding, Budget, and more.


- Consider and Vote on secondary drop / companions + tokenomics. (Festival Creatures?).
- MBMF Budget Development + Organizational Chart.
- Weekly MBMF Meeting / Discussion Team + Community.
- Finalize Host City of MBMF after considering Music Festival Market Analysis.


- Begin artist acquisition & contract negotiations.
- Festival grounds footprint development.
- Onboard Event Production Company, Security, Concessions, Etc.
- Prepare for MBMF NFT Ticket Launch.
- Custom-made Mind-Blown Voxels will be born.
- Metaverse Expansion + Virtual Music Event.
- Finalize details of the first annual Mind Blown Music Festival.



These bounties are free rewards paid to the holder who mints one of the characters listed below with these specific trait combinations:

FULL ETH CHARACTER: 1.25 ETH paid to holder + Random MB NFT Airdrop
FULL BTC CHARACTER: 1.25 ETH to holder + Random MB NFT Airdrop
FULL GENIE CHARACTER: 1.25 ETH to holder + Random MB NFT Airdrop
FULL WIZARD CHARACTER: 1.25 ETH paid to holder + Random MB NFT Airdrop